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Rising Prices and Food Shortages Inevitable Without Increased Federal Government Backing for Canada’s Farmers.

In response to the devastating effects of COVID-19 the Canadian Federation of Agriculture has asked the federal government to provide an Agriculture and Agri-Food Emergency Fund of $2.6 billion to help maintain food security in Canada.

200,000 farm families across Canada are currently facing overwhelming challenges including:

  • Massive Labour Shortages
  • Reduced Processing Plant Capacity
  • Increased Operational Costs
  • Loss of food service industry market

To date, government support has fallen woefully short of addressing these needs, and the needs of the broader agri-food sector.

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Canadian farmers and farm families need your help communicating with Members of Parliament across Canada.

Canada’s food system needs to be government’s second biggest priority after healthcare.

Please write your Member of Parliament and tell them how important the domestic food supply is to you and your family.

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